The Smart Transfer

 Whether you want to get behind the wheel or travel as a passenger, The Milford will transfer you from your wheelchair and into your car seat by gently lifting you up using a comfortable sling and lowering you into position.

Why Choose The Milford?

If you have little or no mobility in your legs but want to continue to enjoy travelling in a regular car seat, then The Milford Person Lift is a perfect solution, lifting you gently out of your wheelchair and lowering you into either the driver or passenger seat.
Strong, lightweight and versatile, The Milford is ideal for varying levels and types of disability, comes with different sling sizes and can lift up to 150 kg. It can be fitted into almost any vehicle, whether it has three doors or five, and can be used in the home, on holiday or in the office.

How it works

The sling can be placed on the seat before users are seated or whilst they are sat in the wheelchair.
After securely attaching the sling to the 4-point lifting attachment, simply press the up button and then guide the person into the car. The sling can then be unclipped and the lift stowed, ready for travel.
Click here to watch a wheelchair-to-vehicle transfer demonstration.

  Extensions for indoor use:



Get more out of your Milford Person Lift by using it in the home, at work or on holiday, simply by attaching it to the SmartBase unit – our sturdy, portable mobility solution.
Highly adjustable, superbly manoeuvrable and supplied with a rechargeable battery unit, our portable Milford SmartBase enables you to use the Autochair Milford Person Lift to transfer from one seated position to another, e.g. wheelchair to armchair, toilet, bed, commode, etc. at home, in the office or even in a hotel. The lift’s arm mechanism is designed to fit securely and easily into the SmartBase, which can also be folded down for easy storage and transportation. 

Wall Mount 

The Milford Person Lift can be wall mounted in a fixed position almost anywhere in the home or the office where the Milford is required for an upright wheelchair to seat transfer.
The Wall Mount for the Milford Person Lift can work on most wall surfaces, including stud walls, brick walls and even on partition walls, as long as the wall has sufficient material to support the weight of the person being transfered. In some rare situations, the use of additional material(s) can be used to help strengthen the wall and spread the load.

The Milford Wall Mount is typically used in bathrooms to aid lifting a disabled person from their wheelchair either into a bathtub or onto a toilet seat, shower seat or vanity seat.